Welcome to the Sharon and Margaux Brown Memorial Fund

•April 14, 2010 • 1 Comment

As many of you know, the lives of Sharon Brown and her beautiful daughter, Margaux were tragically cut short in Kenya on January 4, 2010. Sharon had been living in Kenya with her husband Jeff where they both taught at the International School of Kenya (ISK). Sharon also served as the ISK’s librarian. Margaux was born in Kenya in December 2008 and proved to be a true joy to both Sharon and Jeff.

Many people have been inquiring about actions being taken in memory of Sharon and Margaux. You will be happy to know that a memorial fund has been established in both their names.  In consultation with the International School of Kenya, www.isk.ac.ke, donations collected by the fund will be used to build in a new environmental education center which will consist of greenhouses, a nursery, and teaching space on the ISK campus in Sharon’s name.

At ISK, Sharon was the teacher advisor for the organization “Students for the Environment”, and had been instrumental in getting this group motivated for various green initiatives in Kenya.  Partly motivated by Sharon’s passion for the issue, ISK is embarking upon a new “green building” initiative. They are working to develop a school garden and nursery, with greenhouses to both support the garden and grow tree seedlings for reforestation.  Once built, the nursery/garden will be irrigated by harvested rainwater.  The area will be a teaching space for all grades, will produce food for consumption on campus, and be a major service project by cultivating trees for reforesting degraded environments in Kenya. A project such as this would truly honor the spirit and life of Sharon and Margaux and is something Sharon was truly passionate about.  The center will be a model teaching space for the country of Kenya.